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Chimp Tutorial

Supplies and Tools

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I will not be giving dimensions in this tutorial as each chimp will be different. I will be giving proportions when needed.

Polymer clay of your choice
Aluminum foil OR
Vinyl doll head
Eyes (made from clay, domed buttons or eyes for stuffed toys)
Fake fur
Stuffing of choice
Doll joints (2 sets)
Paint (I use genesis heat set, but acrylic or oil would work too)
Magnet (optional)
Reference photos of chimps

I use a dowel that has been cut to about 6 inches long and rounded on both ends. One end has a sharper point to it than the other one. I have several in different sizes that range from inch up to inch in diameter.

Pasta Machine (optional) this tool will make your basic skin layer more uniform. This means less work for you and more consistent results. This will give your work a more professional look.

Six inch ruler

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